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SuperPower Inc. is a world leading developer and producer of second-generation high-temperature superconducting (2G HTS) wire, providing enormous advantages over conventional conductors of electric power - high efficiency, smart grid compatible, green, clean, safe and secure. The company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd., was formed in March 2000 to provide a strong focus for the development and commercialization of HTS technology for applications that benefit from high energy density.




Visit with us next at:
Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC2014)
August 10-15, 2014
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Please visit SuperPower's exhibition booth and attend the presentation given by Dr. Yifei Zhang, "Delamination behavior study of REBCO coated conductor wires fabricated by MOCVD on IBAD-MgO template," Thursday, August 14th, Session 4MOr2A - HTS Mechanical Properties & Strain Dependence II. Additionally, Mr. Paul Brownsey's poster on "Critical current measurement system for short sample REBCO conductors at varying field angles and temperatures," will be presented during Session 2LPo1D - Measurement & Experimental Techniques II on Tuesday, August 12th and Mr. Drew W. Hazelton's poster "Improved current density in 2G HTS conductors using thin Hastelloy(R) C276 substrates," will be presented on Wednesday, August 13th during Session 3MPo2A - (Y,RE)BCO Coated Conductors.

During the five days of ASC, leaders in the university, commercial, government, business, military, and industrial communities from around the world will discuss progress and challenges in the various subfields of applied superconductivity. The exhibit is an important feature of the conference where manufacturers and suppliers of superconductor-based and cryogenic systems are joined by suppliers of materials, publications, and important services which define the spectrum of a fully integrated industry.

Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
SuperPower Inc. is subsidiary
of Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.
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