HTS Transmission Cable

Site of the Albany Cable Project
on the National Grid electrical
network in Albany, NY
(Blue = 1G HTS Cable,
Yellow = 2G HTS Cable)
Sumitomo 3-in-1 2G HTS Cable Configuration

Overview | Albany HTS Cable Project

The increased performance of HTS power cables will enable utilities to upgrade power density by 2 to 8 times in existing power corridors because HTS cables transmit power with essentially no electrical resistance. Currently, 7 - 10% of the electricity generated in the U.S. is lost because of the resistance inherent in conventional copper cables. This increased capacity is especially appealing for congested urban areas and for locations where there are limited rights-of-way.
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Benefits of HTS Power Cables
  • Current carrying capability 3-5 times that of conventional cable
  • Generates essentially no waste heat or electrical losses
  • Use of environmentally benign liquid nitrogen for cooling
  • Can be installed into existing conduit infrastructure
  • Takes up less space than conventional cables, leaving room for future expansion

Characteristics of HTS Power Cables
  • Will allow existing substations to service increasing power requirements
  • Can operate at high current levels with much lower losses
  • Reduced need for voltage transformation steps

Applications of HTS Power Cables
  • Designed for primarily underground installations
  • Primary application in large, power-hungry urban areas
  • High capacity interconnects

Albany (NY) Cable Project
SuperPower, Inc., in partnership with Linde (formerly known as BOC), Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and National Grid, designed, manufactured, installed an underground, high-temperature superconducting (HTS) power cable between two National Grid substations in Albany, NY.

Program Duration: 5 years

  • $27M overall cost
  • $6M from the New York State Energy Research & Development Authority (NYSERDA)
  • $13.5M from the U.S. Department of Energy

Cable specifications:
  • 34.5 kV, 800 A, 48 MVA
  • Flexible, underground, 350 m long with cable-to-cable joint
  • Three phases in one cryostat
  • Cold dielectric design
  • Self-contained, commercially viable, Cryogenic Refrigeration System (CRS) exceeding utility reliability standards
  • Initially 1G BSCCO - installed 2005
  • 30m section replaced with 2G YBCO in 2007

  • 3.5 times the length of any previously installed HTS cable
  • Installation in a standard utility underground right-of-way (other installations have been within an industrial site or a substation)
  • Addresses future commercialization by including a 30m YBCO cable section with potential for improved price/performance characteristics
  • Demonstrates an underground cable-to-cable joint which enables long cable runs

  • July 2006: Installation and Energization of Phase I completed
  • May 1, 2007: System de-energized in preparation for Project Phase II - Installation of 30 meter 2G HTS Cable
  • January 9, 2008: Phase II installation and testing completed and cable system is re-energized

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